About Me

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About Me

I’m known professionally as an Founder of hotchpotz. I’m an Indian Entrepreneur, Blogger, Digital Marketer, and Actor. I’m known for all about digital marketing, especially SERPs (what appears when someone googles your name) & Media Marketing & Production.

I’m notable for producing YouTube Videos concerning Graphic Design & Digital Marketing in Hindi.

I have been more than 2 years in graphic design & digital marketing industries.


My Experience

I’m passionate graphic designer & digital marketer since 2018.


I’m experienced morethan 3 years with graphic design & digital marketing industry. During my job i also do freelancing work. In a life I’m everyday hunting new opportunities.


hotchpotz & freelancing

hotchpotz & freelancing

During my job I’ve started unregistered company for my freelancing work.


Graphic Design & Digital Marketing

In 2020, I’ve started my new job with graphic design & digital marketing skills.


Freelance Marketing

In 2019, I’ve started my first job in live streaming & broadcasting company.